初 一 英语(下)各类作文范文

Unit 1 ---背教材第五页 3a 3b


1、Dear friend ,

I’m Liu Fang .I’m 14 years old .I’m in HuiLi ,China . I have no brothers or sisters in my family. I can speak Chinese and a little Engliah . My favorite subject in school is English , because I think it’s very interesting.I also like music and art very much .I can sing and draw well ,too. I like playing the piano and playing basketball on weekends. How about you? I like to go to movies with my friends. My favorite movie is Beauty and Beast . Now I live with my parents . I want a pen pal in Australia .I want to learn about your country I want a pen pal in Australia .I think Australia is an interesting country .But I know it only a 1

little .

Can you write and tell me something about yourself?( Can you write to me soon ?)


Liu Fang

Unit 2 ----背教材P9 -3a、 P11- 3a,3b、 P12 -3

有用的短语:be across from 在…对面 be next to 在…旁边 be between …and…在…与…中间 be on 在…路上 be in front of 在…之前 be behind在…后面 go straight / Walk on 直走 turn left/right 左转/右转 on the left.right 在左/右边

Dear Tina ,

I’m very glad you are coming to my school . let me tell you the way to my school . There is a map for you .Go along this road and turn right at the second crossing . Go across the Bridge,then turn right and you’ll see a hospital .Our school is next to the 2

hospital .our school is next to the hospital .The name of our school is Luchang Middle School .

Unit 3---背教材P17-3a、3b


There is a baby elephant in the zoo .Its name is Larry .It comes from Africa .It’s 7 years old .It likes eating fruit and grass. It’s friendly to people .It likes playing with water and the people . It is tall and strong .It has a long nose .Its teeth are long ,too.Its ears are very big like two fans . I like it very much .

假设你所在的城市有一个大动物园,周末你们常常去那。那儿有很多动物,如:大象,老虎,熊猫,狮子,长颈鹿,你最喜欢的是哪个?为什么?你认为这些动物不快乐,他 3


There is a big zoo in oue city .It isn’t far from my home .On weekends,My parents often take me to the zoo .There I can see many kinds of animals like elephants,tigers,panadas,monkeys,lions and giraffes .They are from different places .I like panadas best ,Because they are from our country . They are very cute . some of them are dangerous ,so they have to live in a cages . I think they are not happy ,because they aren’t free .They should live in the forest .

Unit 4---背教材P23-3a、3b P24-3a

假如你叫Carl Smith ,你擅长写作和交谈。希望在电视台从事记者工作。你的年龄是24岁,会英语和法语两种语言。写一封求职信。50词左右。

Dear sir,

I’m Carl Simth.I’m 24years old . I’m good at writing and talking .I can speak English and


French . I want to be a reporter in your TV station .I think I can do wellin the new job .Please give me a chance .I’ll try my best to do my job better .

Thank you very much .


Carl Smith


WANTED:Do you like children? Do you kike to teach? Can you ing English song ? Can you speak English well ? If your answer is “Yes”,Then we have a job for you as an English teacher.

Please call Mr Smith at 331-4255.

Unit 5 ---背教材p29-3a、3b



It is 8:30 on Saturday morning .It’s very fine today .Dave and his friends are in the park .There are many people here .It’s very busy in the park .Look!What are Dave’s friends doing ?Well,Dave ,Jim and Kevin are playing soccer over there .Kate and Sally are dancing under a tree .Linda is playing the ciolin behind the tree . Near the tree,Judie is reading a book .Where are Tom and Ken ?Oh,they are swimming at a 6


pool .They swim very well .Brad is listening to the music near the pool .He likes music very much .They are all happy .


1、 It is Sunday. The Turners are free and they are staying at home .They are doing different kinds of things. Mr Turner is mending his car. Mrs Turener is sitting at the table . She is drinking. Bob is talking on the phone . Nancy is sitting near the pool. She is watching the dog swimming. They are having a good time .

2、 It is a fine Sunday. There are many people in the park. They are playing happily (高兴地). Some are playing beach volleyball on the beach .A man is lying on the chair .A man is swimming .He can swim very well. A man is talking with him .He is learning from him (向他学习游泳).Everyone is having a good time .


3、 Look at the picture .There are some boys in the picture. They are playing basketball .Near them under the tree, two girls are reading a book . Who are working near the house ? Two boys and a girl. Can you see the birds in the tree? I think they are singing . They are having a good time .

4、 It is New Year’s Day. The weather is sunny but cold. Lucy’s family are all at home . Lucy is talking to Scott on the phone. Her father is playing basketball outside. Her mother is busy cooking. Her sister, ,Mary , is watching TV, and her brother , Jeff, is playing computer games. They are all having a good time.

5、 It’s Sunday morning .My mother and I are gong to the park. There are a lot of people in the park. Some children are running. A dog is running after them . Four women are sitting there They are talking. 8

Two girls are playing with a big bal near them ..Three old men are standing under a big tree. They are watching the children. There is a river there. Many young people are dancing near it. There is a boat on the river. And an old man is sitting in the goat. He is dishing. Everyone in the park is having a good time. We are having a good time, too.

Unit 6----背教材P35-3a、3b


Good morning ! Here’s the weather report for some big cities in the world . Beijing is cloudy . It’s very cold, so wear warm clothes when you go out . In Hong Kong there’s beautiful sunshine.(阳光灿烂). People will feel cool in the daytime. It is sunny in New York , but there’s a strong wind (大风) in the afternoon. It will be rainy in Sydney but very hot. The day after tomorrow (后天) will be sunny. That’s the weather report for today . 9

Thank you for listening .(谢谢收听)

Unit 7----背教材P43-3a、P45-3a、3b

根据提供的信息写一篇短文:汤姆高高的个子,中等身材,金色的短直发,会讲英语和一点汉语,喜欢打篮球,最喜欢的动物是熊猫和海豚。他认为熊猫很可爱,海豚很聪明。 Tom is tall and has a medium bulid .He has short blonde straight hair .He can speak English and a little Chinese.He likes reading books and playing basketball .His favorite animals are panadas and dolphins .He thinks panadasare cute and dolphins are clever.

Unit 8---背教材P49-3a、P51-3a


Would you like some pizzas? Please come to the House of Pizza .There are all kinds of Pizzas here—small ones ,medium ones and large ones .We also have two specials .One is onions and salad,and the other is 10

tomotoes,potatoes and cheese .The prices are quite reasonable .Welcome to the House of Pizza .I think you will like them .



There are three people in my family .They are my parents and I. My father and my mother like eggs and porridge for breakfast .But I like noddles .My father eats dumplings for lunch .My mother and I have beef and rice for lunch .For dinner,my parents like to eat cabbage ,fish,onion and noddles ,but I like onion dumplings .

Unit 9---背教材P57-3a、3b P58-3 Unit 10----背教材p63-3a


I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning ,I got up early in the 11

morning .Then I cleaned my bedroom and had breakfast quickly ,because I wanted to help my uncle to do some farm work .I worked hard all day .In the evening,I went home .

On Sunday morning ,I did my homework at home .And it was a little difficult .In the afternoon , I played football with my classmates .I was tired but I was happy over the weekend .


1、 Jenny had a busy weekend . Last Saturday morning, she did her homework and practiced speaking English at home . She watched TV and played tennis on Saturday afternoon. That night, she went to the movies. On Sunday morning , she cleaned her room and went to the beach. . On Sunday afternoon, she visited her friends and went shopping .She had a party last night.

What a busy but happy weekend she had! 12

2、 Thursday, August 1st (注意日记的时间格式,星期—月份—日期)

Today I went to the Palace Museum. It was cool. Then I went to the Great Wall . It was fantastic. There were many people there. In the afternon, I visited Tian’an Men Square. There were many beautiful flowers .It was really great. I went to a Beijing Hutung. It was really fun. I enjoyed myself very much.

3、 Last summer I went to the beach . My vacation was pretty good . I went there by bus and my bus trip was relaxing . The beach was very beautiful . It was sunny, cool and humid .the people were friendly and the food was delicious .

I enjoyed my vacation very much and I hope to go there again .

4、 We went to a summer camp today. The weather was great. The mountains were really beautiful. We had great fun singing and dancing there. We had a lot of food and 13

drinks with us. So we had a big lunch. I ate two hamburgers and some orange juice . my friends all enjoyed their lunch very much. It was so nice eating in the open air(在户外)。I was really tired but I had a good time.

5、 Last weekend Tony was busy but happy. He did a lot of housework.. He cleaned the room and washed the clothes. Because his mother had to work last Saturday. He did most of the housework for her. His sister had to study for the geography test. They were really busy.

Unit 11---背教材P67-3b、P69-3a、3b




What do you think of TV Shows ? I did a survey .In my family , my father likes Healthy Living .He thinks it’s good for healthy.He likes Talking Shows and Sports News , too .But he cant’t stand Chinese Cooking .My mom like it very much ,because she cook dinner for us every day .She learns a lot every day .She doesn’t mind Healthy Living .And she cant’t stand Sports News or Talk Shows .She thinks they are boring . My sister likes Sports News .She thinks It’s exciting .She watches it every day .But she doesn’t like Talk Shows or Healthy Living .And she can’t stand Chinese Cooking .



Unit 12---背教材P75-3a


1、 Hello, Mary。Welcome to our class. Here are our class rules. You must read it carefully. As a middle school student we can’t arrive late for class on weekdays. We must wear clean clothes every day. We must stand up when a teacher goes into the classroom. When you have nay questions in class, please put up your hands. We have to eat and drink in the dining room We have to clean our classroom every day. Don’t leave school if you are not allowed(允许) . I wish you can obey (遵守)these rules. Thanks !

2、 I am Sally . Every day I am very busy. I have too many rules in my house. I have to get up at six o’clock every morning. I must have my breakfast at 7:00 o’clock . I can’t meet my friends after school because I have to walk my dog.(.溜狗) I can’t watch TV on school nights. And I have to be in bed 16

by 10:00 o’clock. On weekends, I have to make my bed and clean my room. Then I have to wash the dishes. Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace to learn the guitar. I love music. But I can’t listen to music at home .I never have any fun. My life is so boring. What can I do ?

3、 Tom has many rules. He has to get up at 6:30 every morning. He can’t watch TV or play computer games on school night. He has to finish his homework every day. He must be in bed by ten o’clock . He can’t eat outside. He has to be back home by 6:00 in the afternoon.


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