For one thing...For another...

To begin with...

For example,

For instance,

In addition to that,...

What's more,





On the contrary,

By/In contrast,



As a matter of fact,

On the other hand,


The reason why...is that...

That's because...

The main reason is that...

As a result,


This can be explained by...


To sum up...

In short,

In conclusion,

In brief,

In a word,

On the whole,


1)请考官重复问题(Ask the examiner to repeat the question)

Sorry,could you repeat that,please?

Could you say it again,please?

I'm sorry,would you mind saying that again?

Sorry,I didn't quite catch that.

I'm not sure I'm following you.

I didn't follow what you said.Could you repeat your question?

2)思考、犹豫(Hesitating expression)


In fact,...

You see,...

How can I put it,...

I'm not sure,but maybe...

What sport is popular in my country?Hmm...let me see...

That's an interesting question. I guess...

That's a difficult question. I've never thought about it.But I suppose...

It's hard to say,but I guess...

3)表达观点(Expressing ideas)

As far as I'm concerned,...

From my point of view,...

In my opinion,...

In my mind,...



It seems to me that,...

4)强调观点(Emphasizing ideas)

What I mean is that...

What I'm trying to say is...

I'd like to point out that...

I'd just like to say that...

5)陈述喜欢、不喜欢(Stating likes and dislikes)

I love...

I enjoy...

I'm interesting in...

I'm fond of...

I'm keen on...

I think highly of...

I'm crazy about...

I prefer to do...

I hate...

I don't care for...

I can't stand...

I can't bear...

I can't put up with...

I'm tried of...

I'm fed up with...

I'm bored of...

“喜欢”常用表达 “喜欢”新颖的表达

I like...

I prefer...

I go for...

I am keen on/about... 喜爱

I am most interested in...

I am crazy about/over... 热衷

I am addicted to...沉溺于

I am really into...

I am partial to ... 非常喜欢

I fancy ... 我想

“非常厌恶”常用表达 “非常厌恶”新颖表达

The thing I really dislike is that...

I really dislike...

I am afraid I just can't stand...

I am most disgusted with...

The thing I really loathe/abominate/detest ...我最讨厌的东西是

I am sick of... 厌恶

I am allergic to ...对...很反感

I am fed up with...

6)解释原因(Explaining reasons)

The main reason is that...

Another reason I can think of is that...

This can be explained by...

This is caused by...

All of these factors are responsible for...

... And that's why I like it so much.

7)进行对比(Making comparison)

A and B are fairly similar in...

A and B have a lot in common.

A and B have little in common.

There are a number of differences between A and B.

A is totally different from B.

8)谈论优缺点(Talking about advantages and disadvantages)

The best part of ... is that ...

The good thing about ... is ...

One advantages of ...is...

What makes it wonderful is...

Everything has its downside.

The bad thing about ...is...

The disadvantages of...is...

The drawback of ... Is...


I find...(very/extremely/fantastically) relaxing/exciting/beautiful.

(rather/awfully) monotonous/boring,etc.

... makes me feel (relaxed/calm/happy).

(bored/irritable/on edge).

...put me (in a good mood).

...gives me (a headache).

10)结束谈话(Closing a conversation)

I think that's all.

That's it,I think.

I hope I've made it clear.

Am I making myself clear?

Did I make everything clear?


1.My full name is...

2.My Chinese name is...

3....is my Chinese name.

4.My surname is...;my given name is...

5.Well,if you like,please call me...

6.My English name is...

7.Most of my friends often call me...

8.My grandpa gave it to me because...

9.My name was given to me by...,who wishes that I...

10.My Chinese name means/represents/stands for...

11.I am from.../I come from...,a historical city.

12.I live in/dwell in/reside in...,where it is quite convenient to access the metro system.

13.I live in an apartment,which consists of two bedrooms,one living room,one bathroom and a balcony.

14.One of the benefits of living at home is the neighborhood protection and community services.

15.I study ... course in the university of...

16.I major in...

17.I work as...(Software Engineer) in ...organization.

18.My routine is ... But sometimes,I work at a bar during weekends as well.

19.I like to...when I am free.

20.Nothing will change my habit of reading when I have free time.

21.When I was a kid,I was addicted to...

22.Nothing can make me change my hobby,shell collection,because it's really fun and agrees with my personality.I prefer to think and play individually.

必备词汇 Word Power


Apartment/flat 公寓 bungalow 平房 castle 城堡

Cottage 村舍 dormitory 宿舍 hotel 宾馆

House 房子 hut 棚屋 villa 别墅

2.房间的种类 Room Types

Attic 阁楼 basement 地下室 bathroom 浴室

Bedroom 卧室 storage 贮藏间 dining room 餐厅

3.城市建筑物 City Buildings

Overpass 天桥(US)parking lot 停车场 shopping mall 商圈

Skyscraper 摩天大楼 sport stadium 运动场 square 广场

Temple 庙宇 TV tower 电视塔

4.城市交通工具 City Vehicles

Automobile 汽车 bicycle 自行车 bus 公车

Ferry 摆渡 light rail 轻轨 motorcycle 摩托

Tram 电车 shuttle bus 机场巴士 subway 地铁

5.博物馆的类型 Museum Types

Botanic museum 植物馆 aviation museum 航空馆

Sea museum 海洋馆 jewelry museum 珠宝馆

Historic museum 历史馆 war museum 战争馆

Sport museum 运动馆 weapon museum 武器管

Natural museum 自然博物馆

6.城市中的休闲场所 Amusement Places

Bar/pub 酒吧 disco 迪斯科 gym 健身房

Go shopping 逛街 karaoke 卡拉OK night club 夜总会

Night market 夜市 sport stadium 体育馆 teahouse 茶馆

7.城市污染 City Contaminants

Air pollution 空气污染 exhaust gas 汽车尾气

greenhouse effects 温室效应 wastewater 污水废水

Garbage 垃圾 noise 噪音污染

plastic bags 塑料袋 Poisonous gas 有毒气体

radiation 放射物质 Soil pollution 土壤污染

water pollution水污染 White pollution 白色污染

8.常见兴趣爱好Common Hobbies or Interests

Bar/pub 泡吧 drinking 饮酒 movie 电影

Gossip 闲聊 museum 博物馆 planting 种植

Sport 体育 cooking 烹饪 keeping pets 养宠物

Music 音乐 shell collection 集贝壳 coin collection 集币

9.电视相关词汇 TV programs Related

Cartoon 卡通片 cooking program 烹饪节目

Education channel 教育频道 movie channel 电影频道

Quiz show 问答节目 sport world 体育世界

Weather report 天气预报 series play 连续剧

Talk show 脱口秀 wild planet 动物星球

Discovery channel 探索频道 game channel 游戏频道

News 新闻 soap opera 肥皂剧

Travel program 旅游节目 dialogue program 谈话节目

Fashion show 时装节目 musical program 音乐节目

10.电视术语 TV program Jargon

Brightness 亮度 antenna 天线 channel 频道

Remote control 遥控 volume 音量 color 颜色

Satellite 卫星 contrast 对比度 tune 调音

电视的优缺点 Pros and Cons of TVs



Good way to take time and have a lot of fun

Present a vivid world with live broadcasts

Play an educational role in our daily lives

To keep children busy at home

Less time to chat with family

Harmful to your eyesight

To distract the concentration of students

The amount of violence is a bad influence

11.收藏相关词汇 Collections Related

Antique 古董 card 卡片 car model 车模

CD 音乐光盘 coin 硬币 dictionary 字典

Jet model 飞机模型 letter 书信 old picture 老照片

Souvenir 纪念品 tank model 坦克模型 task paper 考试卷

Vase 花瓶 watch 手表 wine 葡萄酒

12.首饰相关词汇 Jewelry Relate

首饰类型 Jewelry Types

Bangle(手、脚)镯 brooch(胸、领)针

bracelet(手、脚)链镯 crown 王冠

Necklace 项链 chain 链子

Pendant 项链坠 tongue ring 舌环

Ring 戒指 tennis bracelet 网状手链

首饰材质 Jewelry Stuff

Amethyst 紫水晶 aquamarine 绿玉 bloodstone 血石

Bronze 铜 ceramic 陶瓷 coral 珊瑚

Crystal 水晶 diamond 钻石 emerald 翡翠

Garnet 石榴石 gild 镀金 gold 金子

Gunmetal 青铜 iron 铁 ivory 象牙

Jade 玉石 opal 猫眼石 pearl珍珠

Red gold 红金 ruby 红宝石 sapphire 蓝宝石

Sandal 檀木 silver 银 steel 钢铁

Tin 锡 topaz 黄玉 turquoise 绿松石

White gold 白金 wood 木头 yellow gold 黄金


1.与教育相关的词汇 Education Related

教育种类 Education Types

Adult education 成人教育 early education 早期教育

Primary education 初等教育 further education 继续教育

Secondary education 中等教育vocational education 职业教育

TV university 电视大学 long-distance education 远程教育

Tertiary education 高等教育

学生 Student

BA/Bachelor of Art 文学学士 undergraduate 本科生

Bachelor of Engineering 工学学士 university student 大学生

Bachelor of Law 法学学士 junior high school student 中学生

Master of Law 法学硕士 pupil/elementary student 小学生

Master of Engineering工学硕士graduate 大学毕业生;研究生

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) 博士生 postgraduate 研究生

Bachelor of Medicine医学学士

senior high school student高中生

Bachelor of Science 理学学士 MA/Master of Arts 文学硕士

Master of Medicine 医学硕士 Master of Science 理学硕士

教师 Teachers

Academician 院士 dean/director 系主任

Honor chancellor 名誉校长 honor professor 名誉教授

Chancellor 校长 professor 教授Assistant professor 助理教授

Scholar 学者 visiting scholar 访问学者

Associate professor 副教授 vice-chancellor 副校长

学校的种类 School Types

High school 高中 institute 学院

college 学院 Middle school中学

mission school 教会学校 kindergarten 幼儿园

privacy school 私立学校 Public school 公立学校

primary school 小学 Vocational secondary 中专

vocational school 职业学校 University 大学

大学常见专业 Popular Majors/subjects

Art design 艺术设计 biology 生物

business study 商业研究 Chemistry 化学

communication 通信 computer science 计算机科学

Economics &finance 经济金融 education 教育

Electrical engineering 电子工程学 environment 环境

Marketing 市场营销 mass media 大众传媒

Mathematics 数学 physics 物理 sport and leisure 体育休闲

在大学中常见的必修课程 Mandatory subject/modules

2nd foreign language 二外 academic writing 学术写作

Computer skills 计算机技能 economics basic 经济学基础

Marketing 市场营销 mathematics 数学

看待学校的一些标准 The Criteria of School Assessment

Entertainment facilities 娱乐设施 campus 校园

Association 社团 fellowship scholarship 奖学金

Welfare 补助 medical center 医疗设施

Study atmosphere 学习氛围 reputation 声誉

Future development 未来发展 faculty (学院、系)全体教师

Sport facility 体育设施 teaching quality 教学质量

其他一些词汇 Others

Degree 学位 certificate 证书

Literacy 读写能力 full-time study 全职学习

Diploma 学历 graduation 毕业

Internship placement 实习 part-time job 兼职工作

Academic excellence 学术卓越/成绩优异

与工作有关的词汇 Careers Related

一些常见的职业 Common Professions

Accountant 会计 actor 男演员

Airline representative 地勤人员 anchor 新闻主播

Architect 建筑师 artist 艺术家

Attendant 服务员 auditor 审计员

Barber 理发师 bell boy 门童

Binman/cleaner 清洁工 broker/agent 经纪人

Carpenter 木匠 cartoonist 漫画家

Chef/cook 厨师 chemist 化学师

Computer programmer 程序员 construction worker 建筑工

Dentist 牙科医生 designer 设计师

Dealer 经营商 detective 侦探

Driver 司机 electrician 电工

Farmer 农夫 fashion designer 时装设计师

Florist 花商 flyer/pilot 飞行员

Guide 导游 hairdresser 美容师

Housewife 家庭主妇 interpreter 口译

Judge 法官 lawyer 律师

Life guard 救生员 magician 魔术师

Masseuse 女按摩师 mathematician 数学家

Miner 矿工 model 模特儿

Movie star/celebrity 电影明星 nurse 护士

Pharmacist 药剂师 photographer 摄影师

Postal cleck 邮政人员 priest 牧师

Reporter 记者 sailor 水手

Soldiery 士兵、军人 statistician 统计员

Technician 技术人员 traffic warden 交通员

Typist 打字员 vet 兽医

Waitress 女侍者 welder 焊接工

Actress 女演员 butcher 屠夫

Announcer 广播员 cashier 出纳员

Astronaut 宇航员 clerk 店员

Baker 烤面包师 customs officer 海关官员

Bellhop/bellboy 旅游行李员 receptionist 接待员

Doctor 医生 movie director 电影导演

Engineer 工程师 operator 接线员

Fireman 消防员 policeman 警察

Gardener 园丁 repairman 修理员

Housekeeper 管家 secretary 秘书

Journalist 记者 tailor 裁缝

Librarian 图书管理员 TV producer 电视制作人

Masseur 男按摩师 waiter 男侍者

Mechanic 机械师 writer 作家

Professional/self-employed 自由职业者

评价工作的标准 The Criteria for Job Assessment

Allowance 津贴 association 社团

Atmosphere 工作氛围 bonus 奖金

Commission 提成 communication 沟通

Go on business 出差 labor intensity 工作强度

Salary 月工资 training 培训

Wage 周工资 welfare 福利待遇

Assurance 保险 pay 薪水

Colleagues 同事 value implementation 价值实现

Future development 发展 work hours 工作时间

对工作的感受 Senses at work

Be sick of 厌烦 depressed 沮丧 enjoyable 享受

Excited 兴奋 fascinated 迷人的 passion 激情

Pleasant 快乐 terrible 糟糕 tired/exhausted 疲倦




1.In my leisure/spare time,the thing I am partial to is...


2.I am crazy about...


3.If I am free,the thing I am most interested in is...


4.Nothing can bother/disturb me when I...


5.Although I am busy with my business,when I come back home,I must do...


6.Actually I can't live very well without...



1.The first time I touched it was when...


2.When I was a child,I knew...


3.An impressive event on...makes me interested in the wonderful things.


4.When I first saw...,I was absorbed so deeply.



1.I do ...on a regular basis.


2.Once I am free,I must catch on doing it.


3.Normally I ...it twice a week,but sometimes three times a week.


4.I can do it in the association club of my school,which has exercises each week.


5.Now,nearly every day I must...otherwise I can't sleep very well.



1.In...(爱好名称),my favorite one is...


2.In...(爱好名称),...is the most famous.


3....is the one I like best in...(爱好名称)


4....is the most popular one in...(爱好名称)



1.I still remember once...


2.At the beginning of engaging in it,I...


3.My friend has told me a story about...



1.The main reason I enjoy it is that...


2.I am keen on it because...


3.There are many reasons I prefer it:...


4.Actually nothing special makes me love it except my sense.



1.The hobby completely changed my personality.


2.The hobby makes me have more friends with different personalities.


3.My hobby finally helps me to develop my career.


4.The hobby makes me really feel like there is beauty around me.



Archery 射箭 badminton 羽毛球

Baseball 棒球 basketball 篮球

Boxing 拳击 bungee jumping 蹦极

Canoeing 独木舟 throwing the discus 掷铁饼

Equestrian 马术 fence-play/swordplay 击剑

Fishing 钓鱼 football 美式橄榄球

Handball 手球 high jump 跳高

Hockey 曲棍球 hurdles 跨栏

Hiking 远足 javelin 铁饼

Jogging 慢跑 ice hockey 冰球

Judo 柔道 long jump 跳远

Marathon 马拉松 marble 弹球

Martial art/Kung fu 武术 pole vault 撑杆跳

Walking 竞走 boat rowing 划船

Sailing 帆船 shooting 射击

Shot put 推铅球 snooker 斯诺克

Soccer 足球 softball 垒球

Squash 壁球 surfing 冲浪

Table tennis 乒乓球 tae kwon do 跆拳道

Tai Chi 太极拳 volleyball 排球

Water polo 水球 water-skiing 滑水

Weightlifting 举重 wrestling 摔跤

Yoga 瑜伽 swimming 游泳

Breast stroke 蛙泳 freestyle 自由泳

Butterfly 蝶泳 backstroke 仰泳




To keep fit as a fiddle 保持健康

To make more friends 结识更多的朋友

To prevent diseases 防病

To result in injured such as twisted ankle 造成如脚踝扭伤

To be too exhausted 运动疲劳


电影类型 Movie Types

Action movie 动作片 cartoon 动画 comedy 喜剧

Disaster movie 灾难片 documentary 纪录片

swordsmen film 武侠片 romantic movie 言情片

Science&fantasy 科幻片 tragedy 悲剧片

dracula movie 恐怖片 war movie 战争片 western 西部片

电影中的人 Staffs in movies

Actor 男演员 actress 女演员 costume designer 服装设计师

Director 导演 figurant 群众演员 leading role 主角

Stagehand 化妆师 producer 制作人 script writer 作家

Stuntman 特技演员 supervising producer 监制

Supporting role 配角

一些著名电影 Popular Movies

Cowboys 牛仔 Discovery 探索 Heroes 英雄

Jaws 大白鲨 Kungfu 功夫 Spiderman 蜘蛛人

The Ghost 人鬼情未了 The Incredible 超人总动员

The Matrix 黑客帝国 The Mummies 木乃伊

The Troy 特洛伊 Waterloo Bridge 魂断蓝桥

电影术语 Movie Jargon

Blockbuster/hit 火爆片 cameo大演员小角色

Candid camera 偷拍 cast 全体演员 episode 一集

Extra 群众演员 genre 风格 paparazzi 狗仔队

Sound/audio effect 音效 special effect 特效

Video effect 视频效果 wide screen 宽频幕


1.视觉、听觉以及特效不同 Visual Effect/Audio Effect/Special Effect

2.环境、气氛不同 Atmosphere

3.是否受到打扰 No interruption

4.是否有小吃和饮料 Beverages/Snakes

5.成本和交通 Price/Traffic

音乐 Music

音乐类型 Music Types

Blues 蓝调 classical music 古典乐 country music 乡村音乐

Dance music 舞曲 death metal 死亡金属 folk music 民乐

Guitar 吉他曲 heavy music 重金属 hip-hop 希普霍普

Instrumental music 器械乐 jazz 爵士乐 latin 拉丁音乐

Light music 轻音乐 metal 金属 musical 音乐喜剧

National anthem 国歌 opera 歌剧 orchestral music 管弦乐

Punk 朋克 R&B 节奏蓝调 rap 说唱

Religious 宗教音乐 rock 摇滚 symphony 交响乐

常用乐器 Musical Instruments

Bagpipe 风笛 cello 大提琴 drum 鼓

Electronic organ 电子琴 electronic piano 电钢琴 flute 长笛

Guitar 吉他 harmonica 口琴 harp 竖琴

Organ 风琴 piano 钢琴 saxophone 萨克斯

Trumpet 喇叭 violin 小提琴 zither 筝

音乐术语 Jargon

Lyric 歌词 mediant 中音 melody 音调

Tune 曲调 rhythm 节奏、韵律 tempo 拍子

听音乐的优缺点 Pros and Cons of listening to music



A good way to relax轻松

To release/relieve the tension 减压

To communicate with others 沟通

To make friends with similarities 交友

To bring about hearing degradation because of the overuse of earphones 由于过度使用耳机导致听力下降

To cause traffic accident when walking with walkman 带着随身听会导致交通意外

阅读 Reading

阅读类型 Reading Categories

Astrology 占星术 biography 人物传纪 cartoon 卡通

Computer 电脑类 cooking 烹饪 Daily 日报

Detective novel 侦探小说 evenings 晚报fairytales 童话故事

Love story 爱情故事 magazine 杂志 monthly 月刊

Newspaper 报纸 nonfiction 非小说adventure story 冒险故事

Semimonthly半月刊science&fantasy fiction科幻Weekly 周刊

阅读的优缺点 Pros and Cons of reading


缺点 Cons

To broaden one's horizon扩大个人眼界

To enrich one's experience 丰富个人阅历

To improve reading comprehension 提高阅读理解能力

To lead insufficient physical exercises 缺少体育锻炼

To result in eyesight degraded because of over reading 由于过度阅读导致视力下降

饮食 Dietary

水果 Fruits

Apple 苹果 apricot 杏 areca nut 槟榔

Blackberry 黑莓 carambola 杨桃 cherry 樱桃

Coconut 椰子 cumquat 金桔 damson/plum 洋李

Date/jujube 枣 downy peach 毛桃 durian 榴莲

Fig 无花果 flowing crab apple 海棠果

gooseberry/kiwi fruit 猕猴桃 grape葡萄 grapefruit 柚子

Greengage青梅 hami melon 哈密瓜

juicy Honey Peach水蜜桃 lemon 柠檬

Lime 酸橙 litchi 荔枝 longan 桂圆、龙眼

Loquat 枇杷 mangoteen 山竹 muskmelon 香瓜

Navel orange 脐橙 olive 橄榄 orange 橙、柑、桔

Papaya 木瓜 pear 梨 pineapple 菠萝

Pomegranate 石榴 strawberry 草莓 watermelon 西瓜

蔬菜 Vegetables

Asparagus 芦笋 eggplant 茄子 balsam pear 苦瓜

Bean 豆子 bean sprout 豆芽 broccoli 花椰菜

Cabbage 卷心菜 caraway 芹菜 chili 辣椒

Chinese cabbage 白菜 cucumber 黄瓜 green pepper 青椒

Garlic 大蒜 ginger 姜 onion 洋葱

Laver 紫菜 lettuce 生菜 pumpkin/squash 南瓜

Pea 豌豆 potato 土豆 spring onion 小葱

Radish 小萝卜 scallion 大葱 taro 芋头

Tomato 西红柿 while (wax) gourd 冬瓜

肉类 Meats

Beef 牛肉 chicken 鸡肉 cod fish 鳕鱼

Crab 螃蟹 deer 鹿肉 dog 狗肉

Duck 鸭肉 eel 鳗鱼 fish 鱼肉

Goose 鹅肉 lamb 羊羔 lobster 龙虾

Mutton 羊肉 octopus 章鱼 ostrich 鸵鸟

Oyster 牡蛎 pork 猪肉 prawn 对虾

Rabbit 兔肉 ribs 排骨 shrimp 小虾

Snake 蛇肉 steak 牛排 turkey 火鸡

小吃 Snack

100-year egg 皮蛋 bean paste cake 绿豆糕 biscuit 饼干

Boiled dumping 水饺 clay oven rolls 烧饼 cookie 小甜饼

Donut 油炸圈饼 fried tofu 豆干 egg roll 蛋卷

Fish ball 鱼丸 French fries 薯条 fried bread stick 油条

Fried doughtwist麻花ice cream冰淇淋longevity peaches 寿桃

Meatball 肉丸子 prawn cracker 虾片 red bean cake 红豆糕

Rice noodles 米粉 rice porridge 稀饭salted duck egg 咸鸭蛋

Shrimp ball 虾球 sliced noodles 刀削面 soybean milk 豆浆

Fried spring roll 春卷 steamed buns 馒头

steamed dumpling 蒸饺 stinky tofu 臭豆腐

Taro cake 芋头糕 candy tomatoes 糖葫芦

烹饪方法 Cuisine

Bake 烘烤 barbecue 烧烤 boil 烹、煮

Braise 烧、焖、烩 fry 油煎 grill 烤

Marinate 卤、腌 poach 水煮 stew 炖

Roast 烤 simmer 煨 smoke 烟熏

Steam 蒸 stew 炖、焖 stir-fry 炒

调味料 Seasonings

Peanut oil 花生油 chicken essence 鸡精 chili sauce 辣椒酱

Dark brown sugar 红糖 dressing 沙拉酱 gravy 肉汁

Icing sugar 糖粉 ketchup 番茄酱 MSG 味精

Oyster sauce 蚝油 parsley 欧芹 pepper 胡椒粉

Rock sugar 冰糖 rosemary 迷迭香 salt 盐

Sesame paste 芝麻酱 soysauce 酱油 vinegar 醋

西餐的习惯 Western Customs at table

Start/appetizer 头盘或开胃菜

Soup (optional) 汤(可选)

Main course with vegetables 主菜及蔬菜

Dessert 甜食

Coffee or tea with chocolate 咖啡或茶以及巧克力

评价菜的用语 Evaluation







1.I want to tell you about...today.


2.Well,I'd like to talk about...


3....is the article I'll discuss.


4.The article I'd prefer to discuss is...


5.What's the article that I will describe today?It is...



1.I got it on...(具体的时间)


2.I had it when...


3.Somebody gave it to me on...(具体的时间)



1.Normally I use it once a week.


2.I used to use it twice a day.


3.I can't live without it,cause(because) I need to use it every day.





2.It has the color/shape/size of...


3.It is made of...


4.It covers/comprises/consists of/is made up of/is composed of...



1.It can do...


2.Its functions are...


3.It is normally used to...



1.First it shows...;second it talks about...;the third it tells me...


2.At the beginning...;subsequently...;at the end...



1.It specializes in...


2.It's special because...


3.You can't imagine it is/has...



1.It makes me recall one of my old friends.


2.It is a turning point/milestone during my growth.


3.It symbolizes...


4.It warns me to be modest and patient.


5.It reminds me of a story about myself.


6.Behind the article,there is a beautiful and touching love story.




Air conditioner 空调 desktop 台式机

DVD system DVD系统 dishwasher 洗碗机

Electric iron 熨斗 coffee maker 咖啡壶

Fridge/refrigerator 冰箱 induction cooker 电磁炉

Lamp 灯 laptop 笔记本 microwave 微波炉

PC/computer 电脑 Shaver 剃须刀

tape recorder 录音机 Toast machine 烤面包机

TV 电视机 VCR system VCR系统

walkman 随身听 Washing machine 洗衣机

water fountain 饮水器 Water heater 热水器


Length-long 长 width-wide 宽 height-high 高


King size 超大号 queen size 大号 single 单人


X-large 超大号 large 大号 medium 中号

Small 小号 X-small 特小号 uniform 均码


Large 大的 medium-size 中号 small 小的


Bead 珠状 circle/round 圆形 cone-shaped 圆锥形

Cube 立方 oblong/ellipse 椭圆形 dumb-bell 哑铃状

Oval 卵圆形 heart-shaped 心形 diamond 菱形

Leaf 叶状 egg-shaped 卵形 rectangle 长方形




1.I am happy/delighted/glad to talk about...


2.The discussion I'll have is...


3.Well,the speech I'd prefer to make is about...


4....is the topic I'd like to mention.



1.We can see...


2....has really become a sensitive issue in cities.


3.Actually,no one can neglect the problem of...in our society.


4.Today's people pay great attention to the issue of...



1.It makes people feel...


2.It causes more troubles in...


3.The effects it makes cover...


4.The effects it leads to are getting more and more like...



1.As for me,...


2.I think/guess/believe...


3.In my opinion,...


4.As far as I'm concerned,...


5.I can't agree more with...



1.Normally,people tend to...


2.On the special occasion,people enjoy...


3.People frequently attend/participate in/take part in/are in on...


4.The activities people are most interested in are...



1.The greatest thing about it is...


2.The worst thing I know is...


3.Nothing can compare with...


4.It specializes in...



1.It's quite different because...


2.The major/main/principal reason I enjoy it is that...


3.I'll never forget it since...


4.It made a very deep impression on me because...




Weather 天气、气候 dust storm 尘暴

Spring 春天 rainy 多雨的

Summer 夏天 pour 倾盆大雨

Autumn 秋天 thunder 雷

Winter 冬天 lightning 闪电

Breezy 有微风的 hot and stuffy 闷热的

Temperature 温度 cloud 多云的

Flower 花 drought 干旱的

Leaf 叶子 downpour/shower 暴雨

Haze 阴霾 flood 洪水

Humid 潮湿的 sultry 闷热的

Wet 湿润的 frog 雾

Sand storm 沙暴 snow 雪


Vehicle(car,taxi,bus) 汽车

Subway/metro 地铁

Motorcycle 摩托车

Bicycle 自行车


Air pollution 空气污染

Water pollution 水污染

Noise pollution 噪音污染

Vehicle emissions/car exhaust 汽车尾气

Curb dust 路边灰尘

Enterprises emissions 企业(废物)排放


常见节日(一般按阳历 Solar Calendar)

New Year's Day (1st January)元旦

Saint Valentine's Day (14th February)

Women's Day (8th March)

April Fool's Day (1st April)

International Labor Day (1st May)

Chinese Youth Day (4th May)

Mother's Day (the 2nd Sunday of May) 情人节 妇女节 愚人节 劳动节 青年节 母亲节

International Children's Day (1st June) 儿童节

Father's Day (the 3rd Sunday of June) 父亲节

Teacher's Day (10th September) 教师节

National Day (1st October) 国庆节

Halloween (31st October)万圣节

Thanksgiving Day (the 4th Thursday of November) 感恩节

Christmas Day (25th December) 圣诞节

中国传统节日(按照阴历、农历 Lunar/Agricultural Calendar)

春节 Chinese New Year or Spring Festival

Spring Festival is usually in February but often falls in late January,Also known as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year,it falls on the first day of the first month according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.


Red packet(cash wrapped up in red paper,symbolizing wealth in the next year)红包

Firecrackers 爆竹 fireworks 烟花 lantern 灯笼

Year painting 年画 rice cake 年糕 red couplets 春联

Traditional opera 戏曲 variety show 杂耍 feast 年饭


To do festival shopping 采办年货

To participate in fairs 逛庙会

To go dragon dance (to expect harvest) 舞龙

To propose a toast 敬酒

To go lion dancing (to dispel evil) 舞狮

To pay new year's call 拜年

元宵节 Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar moon,varying between February and March.You will often see paper lanterns being sold and displayed.It is out custom to have Tangyuan--rice balls stuffed with black sesame paste.

清明节 Qinming Festival

It falls on April 5,except leap year.On leap years,April 4.The Qinming Festival,also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day,is a day to remember and worship ancestors by visiting and sweeping their graves,leaving flowers and burning Ceremonial Currency.

端午节 Dragon Boat Festival

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a significant holiday celebrated on May 5th according to the most important activity.The teams row their boats forward to a drumbeat to win the champion.

由来 Origin

One of the most famous patriotic poets,"Qu Yuan" drowned in "Zong-zi",confection and dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves,into rivers in hopes that fish and shrimp eat the food instead of his body.Afterwards,it turned into the custom of eating Zongzi in honor of the great national hero.

七夕 The Chinese Valentine's day

Chinese Valentine's Day is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar.A love story for this day is about the 7th daughter of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cow herder.The Emperor separated them.On the 7th the daughter was forced to move to the star Vega and the cow herder moved to the star Altair.They are allowed to meet only once a year on the day of 7th day of the 7th lunar month.

中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival,often referred to as Moon Festival,is held on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon.People often eat moon cakes during this time.

传说 Legend

A long time ago,a beautiful girl named "Chang E",in order to have an eternal life,left the earth and flew to the cold moon,leaving her husband "Hou Yi " who loved her deeply.Finally she becomes the goddess in the moon but lives lonely forever.It was said that she likes eating the food named "moon cake" best,so people have it on the day in honor of her.

重阳节 Double Ninth Festival

The Chongyang Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar,so it is also known as the Double Ninth Festival.

Since nine is the highest odd digit,people take two of them together to signify longevity.Therefore,the ninth day of the ninth month has become a elderly to enjoy themselves.It has also been declared China's day for the elderly.




1.I'd like/prefer to talk about...


2.I have been to many places,but...is the most impressive one.


3.When I feel...(delighted,annoyed,depressed,monotonous),I usually go to...


4.When I encounter (happiness,difficulty,trouble),...is the place I must go.


5.Personally,nowhere else is better than...



1.My parent/friends took me there.


2.I knew it when I read a newspaper/watched a TV program.


3.Last time I went shopping,I picked up a coupon.


4.One of my friends had been there and recommended that I go there,



1.I went there a decade ago.


2.I went there when I was 20 years old.


3.The first time I went there was when I turned 22 years old.



1.I used to go there once a year.


2.I went there nearly every day.


3.When I am delighted,I must go there.



1.It's located/It stands...


2.It lies near...


3.It's not far from...



1.It covers the area of/contains...square feet .(acre公顷)


2.It has an area of...which is like...


3....has a dominant color of...and a shape of...



1.It's surrounded by...(trees,plants,flower,old buildings,several communities).


2.The city public transportation has easy access to it.It takes no more than 10 minutes go get there from the city centre.



1.The special thing about it is...


2.It specializes in...


3.The thing that is most attractive to me is...


4.Can you imagine...



1.The reason people like that is that...


2.People hold a positive attitude towards...




On campus 住校 off campus 住外校

On campus:

self-catering flat自炊宿舍 full-board flat全膳公寓

House 住宅

Off campus:homestay 住在当地人家里、house renting 租房子


Single room 单人房间

Double room 双人房间

Twin room 两张单人床房间

Suite 套房

Room with a bath 有浴缸的房间

Room with a shower 有淋浴设备的房间

Room with air conditioning 有空调设备的房间

Room with kitchen facilities 有厨房设备的房间

Room with a balcony 有阳台的房间

Room with a good view 视野好的房间

Room with full board 附三餐的房间

Room on the sunny side 向阳的房间

Room overlooking the sea 海景房间

Room facing the garden 朝向花园的房间


Reception 接待处

Registration 登记处

Information desk 信息服务台

Front desk 前台服务台

A wake-up call 晨间叫醒电话

To keep the valuables 保管重要物品

To page someone 广播找人

Cashier 出纳

Check-in 登记住宿

Check-out 退房间

To book/reserve a room 订房间

Vacancy 空房间


不同风格的餐厅(different styles of restaurants)

Beijing Chinese restaurant 北京菜馆

Sichuan restaurant 川菜馆

Cantonese restaurant 广东菜馆

Hotpot restaurant 火锅店

Shanxi noddle restaurant 山西面馆

Vegetarian restaurant 素食馆

Homemade dishes restaurant 私家菜馆

Charming location 吸引人的位置

Delightful and stylish decor 令人舒心和时尚的布置

To be decorated with... 用......装饰

Paper cutting 剪纸

Typical trappings 传统服装

Press clipping 剪报

Old pictures 老照片

Menus 菜单

Generous portions of dishes 份量足的菜肴

Delicate,delicious,gorgeous dishes 精致的菜品

Reasonable price 公道的价格

Satisfactory service 令人满意的服务

The fabulous dishes blended perfectly with the palace decor 传统美食与宫殿般的布置完美结合

The menus offer appetizers,snacks,main course,vegetables,desserts and beverages 菜单提供的各式开胃菜、小吃、主菜、蔬菜、甜食以及饮品

The dishes are served with sound music 食物将伴随悠扬的夜曲上桌



1.I'd like/prefer to talk about...


2.The person I'd prefer to discuss is...



1.Actually I have known her since I was born.She is my dearest mother.


2.The way we first met was...


3.I have known him since I moved years ago.


4.I can see his picture printed in newspapers or magazines.



He is the person who has a sense of humor.



1.She works as...in...,which is the biggest...in China.


2.Unlike most Chinese people,he engages in...



1.In his spare time,he's crazy about...


2.In his spare time,he will drop what he's doing and...


3.Since he was a boy,he has been partial to...


4.We share the same hobby,which is...


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