detail 细节 seriously认真地,严肃地 achieve your goal实现你的目标 equation等式 punctuation标点 create创造 unpleasant(反义pleasant)令人不高兴的 pleasing令人高兴的 pleasant 和 pleasing 表示客观上的“令人高兴或愉快的”,指的是被修饰名词给别人的感觉;而 pleased 表示的是主观上“感到高兴或愉快的”,指的是被修饰名词自身的感觉。pleasure是名词,指"快乐,愉快的事,乐趣" useless(反义useful)没用的 unless除非 notice通知 composition作文 instruction说明 peaceful心平气和的 take a deep breath深呼吸 clam down平静下来 世界和平world peace application 申请 value 价值 formal正式的 normal正常的 effect影响 mood心情 ahead 往前 sign标志 offer 提供 customer顾客 custom习惯,习俗 surface表面 service服务 ancient古代的 website网站 rock石头 land陆地 field田野 wool羊毛 cotton棉花 cartoon卡通 wheat小麦 steel钢铁 wealth财富 wealthy富有的 harm害处 goodness好处 spoon勺子 advertisement广告 product产品 conclusion结论 connection联系 presentation阐述 chance机会 choice选择 deer鹿 courage勇气 hurry着急 in a hurry匆忙 couple夫妇,一对 No pains, no gains.不劳无获 secret秘密 insect昆虫 wounded受伤的 express表达 donate捐赠 jog慢跑 along沿着 alone独自 duty职责,责任 at once立即,马上 right now立即,马上 right away立即,马上 immediately立即,马上 at the moment 此刻,现在;当时against反对,违背 on the way在途中 in the way挡路,碍事 out of the way不碍事 by the way顺便说 look forward to doing 期望做 at least至少 on time及时 at a time一次 at times=sometimes有时

all the time总是 model模型

shake hands握手 contribution贡献 congratulation祝贺 prefer更喜欢 provide提供 thrown扔

generous慷慨的,大方的 catch up赶上 fresh新鲜的 sweet甜蜜的 be fond of喜欢 easy-going随和的 modest谦虚的

imaginative想象力丰富的 be satisfied with对?满意 deaf聋的 blind盲的 tidy整洁的

confusing令人困惑的 athletic健壮的 athlete运动员

almost差不多,几乎 directly直接地 consider考虑 rude粗鲁的

have good manners有礼貌 repair修理 probably或许

generally一般而言 gradually逐渐地 certainly当然地 seldom很少 several几个 explain解释 specially专门的 especially尤其特别 properly合适的

actually实际上,事实上 simply仅仅,只不过 develop发展 so far目前为止 necessary必须的 necessarily有必要的 successfully成功地

without any difficulty一点困难都没有 without a break

some time一段时间

some times几次 sometimes有时 sometime某时 truly真诚地

amazing令人惊奇的 honest诚实的 honey蜂蜜 on earth究竟

on the earth在地球上

第二篇:中考英语词汇总结 3800字


1.call on / at 拜访: 一般call on 后面跟人,call at 后面跟地点

He called on me yesterday, and we called at Green’s together.


2.care about 在乎,如:

He really cares about what teachers say. 他真的很在乎老师说的话。

3.carry out 执行,如:

We need to discuss how to carry out the plan. 我们需要商讨如何执行计划。

4.catch (a) cold 着凉;伤风 如:

He had just caught a cold. 他刚刚感冒。

5.catch one's eye 引起某人注意,如:

When I first saw her, her beauty really caught my eye.


6.catch up with 追上,赶上, 反义词:fall behind

I want to catch up with my friends, and I don’t want to fall behind.


7.change one's mind 改变主意 ,

You need to do it immediately, before I change my mind.


8.check in办理登机或者入住手续

—— When do you want to check (in your room)?

—— Before 4:00 p.m.

9.come across 偶遇 类似的词组还有 bump into

I came across / bumped into him on my way home.


10.come along一起来,如:

We need parents to come along with children when they fill in the application forms. 当孩子们填写申请表的时候,我们需要家长一起来。

11.come back回来 ,如:

I have just come back from work. 我刚刚从班上回来。

Come back 后面没有宾语,是不及物的词组。

12.come from出生于;来自 如:

I came from America . 我从美国来。(详见be from用法)

13.come in 进入;进来,如:

Please come in. 请进。


Please come in to my house.

14.come on 快;走吧;跟我来 这个词组的翻译比较灵活,需要根据上下文推敲,不能死记硬背。以下是一些例子:

1. 跟着来

You'd better go now, and I'll come on later. 你最好现在就去,我随后就来。

2. 进展

How are things coming on? 情况怎么样?

3. 逐渐开始

Night is coming on. 夜幕徐徐降临。

4. 上演

This play is coming on again next month. 这出戏下月又要上演了。


Come on! Don’t be so sad. 好了,别难过了。

15.come out 出来 出版,这是一个不及物的词组

When will the next magazine come out? 下一期杂志什么时候出版?

16.come to an end 结束

I hope, after that, the whole thing will come to an end.


17.come to life 苏醒

After the treatment of doctors, the wounded driver came to life.


18.come true 实现,这个词组的主语是梦想,而且这个词组不及物

I hope everyone’s dream will come true. 我希望每个人梦想成真。

19.communicate with 与……交流

After the exams, parents want to communicate with teachers soon.


20.compare with 与……比较

My mother often compares me with my elder sister, and tells how lazy I am.



Compared with my sister, I am a little lazy.


21.be covered with 被 --- 覆盖

The land is covered with snow in winter in the northeast.


22.cut down 砍倒

Trees are not allowed to cut down here. 这里不许砍树。

23.cut off 切断

The electricity has been cut off since the storm yesterday.


24.deal with Vs do with 处理

二者都是“处理”的意思,前者用how来提问,后者用what来提问 How to deal with the problem? 如何处理这个问题呢?

What to do with the problem?要怎么做才能处理这个问题呢?

25.decide to do 决定做 ---

We decided to go to Hainan on holiday this summer.


26.depend on 依靠,依赖

Children now depend too much on their parents.

现在的孩子太依赖家长。depend on 没有被动语态

27.die of因……病而死

Now, more and more middle-aged people die of cancer.



28.do one's best 尽最大努力

As a volunteer, I will do my best to help others.


同义词:try one’s best

When you do a bad thing, you will try your best to cover it.


29.do sb. a favour 帮某人忙

同义词组:give sb. a hand / help sb.

Would you please do me a favour?

= Would you give me a hand?

= Can you help me?


30.do some shopping 买东西

I will do some shopping on my way home. 我在回家路上要买一点东西。 do some + doing 类似的用法还有

do some cleaning 做一点打扫的工作 do some reading 读一点书 do some sightseeing 观一观光

31.dream of 梦见

I have never dreamt of getting a full mark in maths.


32.dress up穿着打扮

They dressed me up on the wedding. 在婚礼上,他们打扮了我。 Put on Vs wear, Vs dress up

前两者的宾语是衣服,dress up的宾语是人

Put on强调动作,如:I was putting on my new dress when I came in. Wear 强调结果,如:I often wears jeans and shirts

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